Top 10 Excuses for not Exercising

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

G&M — “Statistics Canada released two studies Wednesday, that have grave implications for our long-term health.

The reports found only 15 per cent of adults were getting the recommended minimum amount of exercise — 150 minutes a week — to keep them healthy.

On the flip side, they spent an average of 9.5 hours a day, or 69 per cent of their waking hours, sitting still.

The news was even more dire for the younger generation, with a dismal 7 per cent of kids ages 6 through 19 clocking the hour a day they need for healthy growth and development. They were inactive for 62 per cent of their day or 8.6 hours.”

My wife has been after me all these years for not exercising. May be now I can cite these reports to prove that I am not alone, but just an average guy, just following the trend of the majority.

But in case that cannot get me off the hook, here are some other handy lifesavers.

Top 10 Excuses for not Exercising

1. I am too busy, that will take too much effort, and definitely no time for that
2. Not enough energy, I am too tired already
3. Not my style/sign, not interested
4. I am too fat to move. Need to lose some weight first before I can show my body in public
5. I am sick, I have a cold (or I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or I have brittle bones/arthritis)
6. I’m pregnant
7. I’m all stressed out
8. No thank you, I am not into sports
9. I have enough exercise at work already
10. I am healthy enough, no need to be off my couch

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