Top 10 Reasons Why Man in Disguise

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

G&M — This bizarre case happened a week ago on an Air Canada flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver.

Several hours into the trip, a male passenger went into the bathroom elderly and white – his face wrinkled, eyes scrunched nearly shut, only a few wisps of white hair clinging to his otherwise bald scalp – and emerged a fresh-faced, young Asian.

The man is currently being detained by the Canadian Border Services Agency. He filed a refugee claim as soon as he arrived in Canada, according to the agency’s alert.

It is unclear how the man got through passport control or why he disguised himself to get on the plane.

Why? Here are  Top 10 Reasons Why.

1. That is Tom Cruise’s test run for Mission Impossible 4
2. He forgot to take off his Halloween costume before boarding the plane. He was on his way to the Campbellford Halloween party
3. Canada Custom missed out on all the other young looking guys on the plane. A strange thing happened while crossing all the different time zones.
4. Another time Traveler, just returning from “Back to the Future”/ Chaplin’s Circus
5. It’s Iggy the Superman, caught in the process of changing identity/costume, trying to boost up his poor ratings (see picture below)
6. A once in a lifetime tour from HK. The Trip of the Fountain of Youth. Boarding as an old man and got off the plane  a young guy. A dream for us baby boomers comes true. Thank you fairy godmother!
7. Air Canada, I demand to know what the flight number is. When is the next flight?
8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
9. 時光倒流 兒時可再 以此與為證印者矣
10. !@#$%&* I can do anything I want. 「我爸是李剛!」

Hey, wait a minute, just read the other article, My Mediterranean Cruise. Here is the actual reason.

11. It’s John Fung, just back from his Mediterranean Cruise. In his own words: “I traversed over 6000 years of history and witnessed the grandeur of four magnificent civilizations: Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Byzantine.”  There, I rest my case.

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