Wine Cellar in the Kitchen

Next Project – a Wine Cellar in the Kitchen!!

Plus…THe Benefits of Wine

Allergies Médoc 1  Glass
Anaemia Graves 4  Glasses
Arteriosclerosis Muscadet 4  Glasses
Bronchitis Bourgogne ó Bordeaux  (+ Cinnamon & Sugar) 3  Glasses
Constipation Anjou blanc ó Vouvray 4  Glasses
Coronary Heart Disease Champagne sec 4  Glasses
Diarrhea Beaujolais nouveau 4  Glasses
Fever Champagne sec 1  Bottle
Heart Bourgogne, Santenay rouge 2  Glasses
Gout Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé 4  Glasses
Hypertension Alsace, Sancerre 4  Glasses
Menopausal Disorders Saint Emilion 4  Glasses
Nervous Depression Médoc 4  Glasses
Obesity Bourgogne 4  Glasses
Extreme Obesity Rosé de Provence 1  Bottle
Rheumatism Champagne 4  Glasses
Abnormal Weight Loss Côte de Beaune 4  Glasses
Liver Laziness Champagne sec 4  flûtes
Kidney Problems Gros Plant 4  Glasses


Average Life Expectancy:

– 59 years for drinking water
– 65 years of drinking wine
– 87% of centenarians are wine drinkers
Wine is the most healthy and hygienic of beverages

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