A good deal

Today…the first time I tried the Megabus from Toronto to Montreal.

My comments?   Excellent….value for the buck.


  • Cabin clean and comfortable, comparable with the luxurious tourist buses.  Each row has its own supply of garbage bags.
  • Toilet sparkling clean
  • Stable….like riding on a Go Train
  • Double-decker.  Stairs easy to climb.  How often can we see the fields from 10 feet above ground while driving on Highway 401?
  • Driver is courteous.   Announcement of the itinerary (stops, time of arrival etc.) was made prior to departure.
  • Luggage stowed in cabin above ground….no fear of people grabbing it when the luggage cabin door is open.  The driver or porter has to take the luggage out for you.
  • Unlike the newspaper vans (the most economical way in the old days to travel to/from Toronto and Montreal), these buses have insurance for the passengers.
  • But above all, it’s very economical.  For Can$53.63, it’s a round trip to/from Toronto-Montreal.  If one leg of my trip is not on a Sunday, it’s another $10 less!  Imagine…the fare from Montreal to Quebec City (less than the half the distance between Toronto and Montreal) by Greyhound is close to US$100!!
  • Duration?  About 7.0 hours including 0.5 hours stopover in Kingston.   If I were to drive, I would take the same amount of time if not more.   In addition, we all have a tendency to speed.  Why risk the speeding ticket and the demerit points?

Try the Megabus if you haven’t.  Let someone do the driving while you doze off or enjoy the scenery on the road.

Moreover, you can pick up a free Toronto Star (at bus aisle #1 in Toronto) before boarding the bus.

Megabus….a good deal.   I wonder how they sustain their business (with quite a number of runs each day) with only 25 passengers in our run? 

I will try it the next time I go to New York City instead of taking the train or the plane.

BTW….  There are also the $1 deals in the Megabus.  These are not scams.  But these $1 seats are limited and are available only in certain runs (e.g. red-eye) during their promotion period.   I’ve checked the site years ago when they advertised the $1 deal and I did find some seats.  People have tried the $1 deal going down to Philadelphia (from Toronto).

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  1. Rose, we took the Megabus from Los Angeles to San Francisco for U$10 in 2007. It was an excellent buy and seating was exceptional comfortable. at/101105

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