When Can You Make a Citizen Arrest?

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

1. When you are a Canadian Citizen, but not an immigrant, and definitely not an illegal one
2. When you caught the thief red-handed, with stolen item in hand, not before, and definitely not after
3. Don’t rely on the police. They are there only to Protect and Serve. But whom? The citizen thieves, of course
4. If the thief returned to your shop to steal again, do not chase him down, offer him another bundle of flower instead, and tea?
5. There is a right way, and there is a wrong way. Be nice to the thief, invite him into your shop and patiently wait for the police
6. That is the price of doing business in Canada, in chinatown, at least
7. Get your own security patrol and let them do the arrest
8. It’s easier to have a Cardiac Arrest
9. To keep everybody employed, in this tough economic time. That includes the judge, the prosecutors, the lawyers, the police, the court staff, the translators, even the citizen thief, all by our taxpayers money
10. Let’s ask Rob Ford by robocall

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