So We Reach a Con-Census

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Hey, my wife is correct, don’t give out any personal information. It’s all a con game. Now even our government said so. Our PM is always upright and politically correct.

So next time when someone confronts you with a load of questions, in person, over the phone or the Internet, the Statscan guy included, simply refer them to your lawyer.

What’s the use of the Census anyway?

Even if I have one washroom, but six bedrooms, is nobody’s business. I protest. This is simply intrusion on my privacy. I agree, even the POW didn’t have to answer that many questions.

I also agree with the press secretary of the Oval Office, op, sorry, I meant the PMO (Prime Minister Office). I agree that people deliberately gave out incorrect information in the Census, just for a laugh.  It’s a con game, after all.

What’s the use of the Census anyway?

In my advanced age, I admired the ethic of a journalist. I would rather go to jail, than to reveal the source of my information, period.

If you want my information, well, why don’t you follow the Chinese example, set up your neighbourhood watch, completed with the old ladies brigade, peeping out of their windows constantly. So next time, for any of my personal data, just ask the old lady down the road, quick and simple.

Or send in CSIS with their deep-cover spies, just listen in, or go through my garbage, to sort out my personal info. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t mind having Evelyn Salt as my next door neighbour.

But please, no more questions. Our government is wise. What’s the use of the Census anyway?

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