All of Your Trouble (and You) will Perish Like Bubble

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Attention all students, no blowing bubbles in the school yard.

This aggressive activity is banned within 5 metres of our school. This is a secretive law passed recently by your big brother, our government, in Ontario.

From now on, all schools will be patrolled by the fully geared anti-riot police force, i.e. the Bubbles Brigade.

Please study the accompanied YouTube video carefully.

Especially for those potential schoolyard bullies, please note carefully, you are not allowed to use your fists during any encounter with your fellow students. You can only use threat, and word of war, unless touched by a bubble.

Then Attack! That is the signal, the 莫須有罪名 you are waiting for, for a pre-emptive attack.

If you learn well, fellow bullies, one day you can be Officer Bubbles too.

只許POLICE 濫用公權
不許百姓吹 BUBBLE

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