Moment of Silence

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Last night, a bird kept crying outside somewhere, persistently for over half an hour, until hoarse, then silence. We thought she must have lost her children to some predator.

This morning we received an email, our friend passed away Monday.

It must be a sign.

Last Christmas, we got together. He was in good health. We even talked about retirement and such. Then 2 months ago, he was in hospital, with a big tummy of fluid and wasting away. That was a  virulent case of invasive stomach cancer.

He was optimistic. He said, “Doesn’t matter what kind of treatment, but has to be fast.” Seize the time; that was the spirit. He sort of got his wish, not in the treatment (he opted for none at the end), but the duration and suffering of his illness.

Two weeks later, he was already talking about after life, how some people struggled to the end, reluctant to face death, and lingered and stayed around even after life. But there are those who moved decidedly on to their next life. He bravely accepted his eternity and fate.

Now he has moved on.

Bon Voyage, dear friend.

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