You Know You Are Over The Hill When …….

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

  • McDonald gives you senior discount coffee automatically
  • Kids give you their seats on public transit respectfully
  • Spent hours every morning reading the newspaper from headlines to obuitary
  • Spent more time surfing the Internet than watching reality shows
  • Diagnosed with Repetitive Injury of wrist tweetting or using mouse
  • Forwarding all interesting articles and tipbits to all your email friends/groups
  • Keep losing your car in the shopping mall parking lots
  • Need two or more pill boxes to hold your daily pills
  • Keep on travel before arthritis and cataract kick in
  • The designated baby/pet sitter
  • Go to more re-union gatherings than the past 30 years total
  • Who do you see more frequent: your doctor and pharmacist
  • Sleep less and pee more
  • Sudoku and dancing are your preferred  exercises, for a beautiful mind and body
  • Keep repeating yourself, like a broken record
  • Busier than ever before, with fully booked activities every single day
  • ___________________________ (Fill in your own blank)
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