Remember Me? (2)

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)


Back to the future.

“Hello there, Johnny, long time no see. Remember me?”

“Hi, eh…… How wonderful to run into you. Let’s get a picture of you to celebrate this moment?”

“Oh, sure.”

Johnny pulled out his iPhone and snapped a picture of the stranger.

He opened his App page, chose Facebook – Face Recognition option and clicked send. A second later, there was a match, out popped the info:

Jane Doyle, female, born 2031.

“Hi Jane, how are you?”

“Excellent. And you? Still working hard?”

“No choice, can’t retire yet.”

“Are you still working in the same old place?”

What place was she talking about? Johnny keyed into his Google Personal Timeline Map: Intersection: Jane Doyle and Johnny Who. Right away it spitted out the answer, displayed on the screen: Co-workers of Universal Enterprise 2055-7.

“No, not at UE any more. I am with the Japanese company, Recalls In Motion for the past few years.”

“Have you seen Freddie Jetson lately?”

Who is Freddie? Once again, Johnny typed in Google Advance Search: Freddie Jetson & Jane Doyle & Johnny Who ….. Robots from the same lot #13385, manufactured by the China Robotics Company.

“Haven’t seen Freddie for ages. We should get together sometime.”

“That is a good idea.”

“Let’s arrange it now.”

Johnny pulled up his Personal Appointment Book, typed in Jane Doyle and Freddie Jetson; the apps checked all participants’ schedules automatically, and suggested a time slot that was convenient to all. Johnny clicked OK.

“It’s done, see you again soon, Jane, online.”

“Bye, nice to see you again, Johnny.”


The future is friendly. No more embarrassing moments.


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