Ghosts of Olympic Just Past

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

This winter Olympic sparked euphoria and Canadian patriotism across the whole country, to the envy of all politicians. If this nationalism can be kept up, a majority government will definitely be in sight.

How to pass this flame of patriotic nationalism on and circulates across the country and keeping it alights, till the next election? That is the dream of all politicians.

Now prorogation has ended, parliament reopened its door; the throne speech was given and a new budget was announced, even threw in a gender-neutral national anthem for distraction, but the euphoria is dying fast. What a politician to do? How to rekindle that nationalistic spirit?

With a jolt, the politician realized someone was standing before him.

“I am the Ghost of the Olympic Spirit, Sir. I am here to show you the way.”

The large TV screen was on. “Let’s go back three weeks. Here is the opening ceremony, with athletes entering the stadium. Notice those countries with only one or two athletes, that is the real Olympic spirit. Participation first, winning second.”

“No no no, we do want to win. We want a majority.”

Puffed. In a jiffy, the Ghost of the Olympic Spirit was replaced by the Ghost of Owning the Podium.

“Canadians are too modest, Sir. We went into the Game with fighting spirit, with only one aim in mind, no matter what, just win, win, and win.”

“Now you are talking.”

The TV was showing our first week dismal results, we did not own the podium, and for what were awarded, they mainly belonged to the woman athletes.

“Oh no, we only want cracks in the glass ceiling, not big holes.”

Puffed, out went the Ghost of Owning the Podium, and in his place, appeared the Ghost of Humility.

“Sir, here is Joannie Rochette, our bronze medalist, skating in memory of her mom.”

”Will this translate into votes?”

“Here is another story, Brain Mckeever, the legally blind cross-country skier, who made history by qualifying for the Olympic.”

“We have squeezed all possible publicity out of him already, and in the end, he was benched and forgotten. He has no chance of winning anyway.”

Puffed, the Ghost of Humility exited angrily, and in her place, the Ghost of Gold Rush.

“Sir, I am glad to report we do own the podium, the top of the podium, to be exact. We now hold the record of the country that got the most gold medals. Our last gold was the one that triggered the euphoria of nationalism across the country, from coast to coast to coast. We own the hockey podium.”

“Yes, that’s exactly what we want. To keep the patriotic flame alight, we need to ‘Own the Hockey (Male) Podium’, the government has to form our own all Canadian NHL team to do just that.”

A quiet voice spoke from the corner, “why don’t we just draft Sidney Crosby for PM, should be cheaper and more effective.”

The politician woke up with a cold sweat.

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