PM in Exile?

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes an address to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia in Victoria on Thursday.

How embarrassing, our PM in exile? he can’t even speak from his own parliament in Ottawa any more, and have to travel across the country to speak in the BC parliament instead. He was forced to shutter parliament and got into exile because of rouge parliamentarians.

Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Layton, please stop harrassing our PM. He is just doing his job.

His speech to the legislature is a “first,” Mr Harper pointed out, saying “no Prime Minister has ever formally addressed this great assembly” since B.C. joined Confederation in 1871.

That’s right. There is nothing to worry about. It happens all the time, government-in-exile, and have to govern from a foreign country; but speaking from the legislature of a friendly province, to communicate with all Canadians, it actually is a “first”.

It reminds me of some of our ancient Chinese emperors throughout Chinese history, in fencing off the attacks and invasions of barbarians, were forced into exile and had to govern in a different part of China, hoping one day would return to reclaim the thrones.

It also reminds me of that time, I forgot my house key and was locked out of my own home. I had to knock on my neighbour’s door, to ask them to let me use their phone to communicate with my office. It was quite ambarrassing. Our PM must felt the same way in BC.

I am calling on all Canadians, to invite our PM into our houses, one day for each family, and let him communicate with the whole country and the world, using our phone, computer, Blackberry and what not, then I am sure he can function without parliament for a long while and doesn’t have to go the perogation route ever again.

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