Hands-free now, what to do?

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

No cell-phones or text-messaging, while driving. This is the law.

Now with my hands freed up, I felt so empty, so restless, where to put those hands? Tied them to the steerling wheel, but one hand is more than enough; put them on the lap, on the arm rest, lean on the window-sill, or stick them out the window? May be I should hold on to something, a cup, the hand bag, a Kleenex or a cell-phone; no, I am not using it, just felt secure holding one.

I was told, keep my hands busy, while driving.

That I can do. For starter, every morning is a chore. I always run short of time. I have to extend my toiletries into the car. On my way to work, I finish combing my hair, put on make-up, lip-sticks, and eyeliners; sometime I have to curl my hair, or even to polish my nails, and floss my teeth.

If I still have time left, I try to relax with a cigarette (as long as this won’t ruin my health too much).

Sometimes I eat my breakfast or may be lunch in the car, then I am ready to work once I get to my destination.

Holding a cup of hot coffee with one hand and balance it between the legs is an acquired technique and an art of acrobatics. Just don’t get scalded by the hot stuff. Sure I can always sue McDonald. But it is not worth the suffering.

But my hands still feel restless, and I am bored too. Sing along karaoke with the radio, drum the beat on the steerling wheel, or wave my hands in the air like a conductor of an orchestra, these sure will keep them occupied.

If nothing works, do the crossword puzzle or sudoku; or even read a book and newspaper, while driving.

Oh, I am suffering from withdrawl. I joined the Cell/Blackberry Anonymous.

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