To Obama

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Mr. President, our condolences.

Who can believe, after 42 years, this stronghold of Kennedy, can fall into the hands of the barbarians. You’ll have difficulty pushing forward your healthcare reform. Of course you already know, nowadays you need at least to be a big C celebrity to accomplish anything at all, notoriuos or otherwise. Even Oprah is in trouble, her “Precious” is only doing so so, on the onslaught of King (of the world) James’s Avatar. You need help, star-studded big help like George Clooney and the like. I heard O’Brien is free at the moment, fresh from winning the battle with NBC. I have to warn you, though, John McCain and Sarah Palin are back. Sarah is just finishing making a kill with her “Going Rogue” booktour. She is starting her TV showbiz.

Talking about going rogue, that reminds me, yes you should borrow a chapter from your neighour of the north, our Great Leader Stephen Harper, going ProRogue. Shut down Congress immediately, postpone the State of the Union address for a better day. You need to recalibrate, to reset your goals and agenda. Wipe your slate clean. You need a break and holiday. We invite you to come up to our Winter Olympic game, bring your Congress, to join our Parliamentarians (they are off work till March). Once you have re-grouped and re-shuffled your deck, then you can re-kindle your campaign of More Hope. Voila, your are back in business and can then rule like a majority.

4 thoughts on “To Obama

  1. FB,

    After having read the newspapers this early Friday morninig, I enjoy this column the best. Thanks.

    To the Editor,

    Let’s have a feature page for Through Rose Coloured Glasses.


  2. White House response:

    Thank you for your unsolicited alien advice. Our American democracy is alive and well. At least our Senate does not need reform as our senators are always elected by the people, one person-one vote, whether this right is exercised by the individual or not.

    By the way, our presidents are not always in tune with our northern neighbors on “Irish Eyes Are Smiling” but they sings “Yankee Doodle” well.

  3. Well yeah, YK 1965 – that ‘one man, one vote’ thing played well in the 2000 election didn’t it? 5 Supreme Court justices to 4 is what counted at last, even though the contest was the other way by the popular vote of those who exercised their voting rights. So, pardon me if I am a little confused here by your comment.

    And Obama, what impresses me most about you these days is your calmness, deliberation and thoughtfulness under all the pressures of the legacies left to you by the previous administrations, let’s see: Two wars; Housing crisis; Mortgage crisis; Stock market meltdown; Worst economic crisis since the Great Depression; Runaway unemployment; Climate change issues; Credit crunch; Debt crisis; Record budget deficit; Oil supply crisis; Weakening currency; Polarized electorate.

    Whew! I know you are lacking in overall experience, but you come across as sincere and very committed to your work. You will learn and do well for us all I predict. I hope you resist the negative efforts of those who are responsible for nearly wrecking our country. And, I would not have your job for anything, but I am so happy you are there in place of who could have been – the man who flatly denied there even was a financial meltdown while it happened before our eyes. Thank you for your dedication and commitment!

  4. GE,

    We know that the Supreme Court justices are appointed. Their 2000 decision did not overturn the election result of such a close contest, which could not be accurately determined in a timely manner then because of some faulty and non-uniform voting method. With established decision processes, the court simply ruled on the lack of totally reliable vote-counting method, but by majority decision. Democracy does not escape flaws, especially when the data couldn’t be trusted, but procedures and methods can be improved. It was a lesson in democracy, rather than its total absence. The improved mechanism was ready and in place in 2008.


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