《 The Long Beach in Hong Kong 長沙 》__Rose Ho

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Last Friday I walked, for the first time, the full stretch of Cheung Sha, the longest beach in Hong Kong.
3 Km….from the Upper End to the Lower end.
The Upper Beach…..some rocks.  According to one swimmer, the undercurrent drags one out to the sea here.  The Lower Beach….the water is more calm, more suitable for swimming and there are a few restaurants.
2 hours….a gorgeous two hours’ leisurely stroll….
   –  White fine sand, stretching to the far far end
   –  Blue sea, soft waves, islands dotting the horizon
   –  Scotching sun….soaking in Vitamin D from my back
   –  Barefooted….to let the sea water and fine sand smoothen my rough sole
   –  Sunbathers….paragliders….kayak paddlers….keeping me company
   –  Of course, my own pace….and my pictures.
Please enjoy this fine time with me.

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