1 thought on “冰島「冰火之地」之旅__岑建成(71)

  1. Dear Thomas,

    Thank you for your beautiful pictures. Looks like Iceland has become quite a popular tourist attraction in recent years, frequented by more visitors than ever before. Edmond just went there two months ago. Perhaps he can share his photos and experiences of Iceland with the rest of us too. For me, these pictures bring back lots of fond memories. It is certainly a place well worth visiting.

    I first went there 25 years ago, in the summer of 1990. At that time, I had to fly down to New York City and took a flight from Kennedy Airport to Reykjavik. Even now, direct flights between Canada and Iceland are mostly available in the summer. I stayed in the house of a guy from Iceland whom I went to grad school with at Western. For the nearly two weeks that I was there, he took time off and drove me half way around the country. The unique landscapes and pristine environment have clearly left an indelible mark on me. I didn’t take too many pictures, as the movie-cameras and smart phones were not even around at that time.

    Other than being a land of fire and ice, I also noticed that Iceland was also one of the most homogeneous places that I’ve ever been to. In other words, one is likely to see more blonde girls, and guys too, per capita than any other country in the world. In Canada, the largest settlements from Iceland are in the Winnipeg area.

    By the way, my Icelandic friend and his wife came to Canada from time to time. They were here again last September and we had a very good time together.


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