《Evora, Portugal 》__ Rose Ho

Evora01Enjoy the shots I took in that trip by clicking the image.

What attracted me to Evora, a city 140 kilometers east of Lisbon, were the Chapel of Bones (human), the Cromlech and the church of tiles.  They did not disappoint me.  The ruins of the Diana Temple did…in terms of grandeur.

The Aqueduct was more than I expected…with it now being part of the city fabric in different forms.  The roof-top of the Cathedral also provided a stunning view…both the roof itself and the panorama of the city below.  It is a tour definitely not to be missed.  But watch your tour hours.  One cannot get in using the same ticket again after their lunch hour!

The city of Evora itself is also so tranquil, clean and exudes a sense of calmness.  The Pensao where we stayed was the same…and was not expensive….only Euro 45 a night.   The owners of the Pensao, the drivers of the local buses were very helpful and friendly.  (Local buses stop where one wants to stop inside the walled city!!!)   I learned what is LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) wine from the owners and bought some in a local vintage shop there.

It was a totally relaxing trip.
I am glad that I picked the place and spent three full days and two nights there.
I could go back another time….and maybe further east 80 kilometers to Spain too!

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