Journal of 15-day Motorcycling Adventure by Bonbon Hu (1965)

Monday, July 27, 2009 (Day 1)


I have checked into Room 108 (lucky number!), at Glazier Mountain Lodge of Blue River, B.C.

There is no cell phone signal here. I am lucky to have Internet wi-fi, because the motel “just” had one put in very recently.
The ride, 596 Km, (from Vancouver) was fairly relaxing with little traffic. There were some heavy downpour of rain and freezing at 9C temperature going through Coquihalla at 1,400m elevation. I ended up at a fancy golf club outside of Kamloops and had lunch at the clubhouse while waiting out the rain. ha ha.
I am going to wear layers tomorrow.
We are almost all here by 4:45pm.
We will meet at the lobby at 6:45pm, and walk down the highway to another motel that has a restaurant. There are altogether 9 riders and a support van. I know one rider from South Africa and one from Baja rides. Of course, the leader, John Valk, has been on all of them.
There is a hot tub in this motel. I brought my swimming trunks. ……… but I am too chicken to go into some warm stew that had been brewing for a while. May be I’ll skip it.
So far so good.

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