Enlarged Heart

Q: A recent Xray (chest) shows that my heart is larger than normal. Pl give possible explanation and what practical steps to take. I am in Hong Kong and wonder if any wynites is a heart specialist here that I could see. I am retired and 76 years old. Thank you

A: A heart is enlarged because it has to do more work.  This is akin to body building.  Muscles “enlarge” when body builders pump iron.
Without knowing your background training & past medical history, I’ll try to list some general etiologies using as many laymen’s terms as possible.
What might be the causes?
1.  High blood pressure.
2.  Structural damage: leaking heart valves,(rheumatic heart disease, calcification/stiffness), damage by infections/poisons/medications, etc.
3.  Anemia.
4.  Hormonal: eg. hypothyroidism.
5.  Rarely, hereditary (cardiomyopathy).
You can also check internet search engines for: cardiomegaly” , “cardiac hypertrophy” or simply “enlarged heart”.
I don’t know any cardiologist in HK, but I’ll check with Mr. Anthony Ho & see if he knows any WYK alumni who are practicing cardiologist in HK.

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