Remembering Mr. Kong __ Fred Yip (71)

Having been taught by Mr. Kong for three years, beginning in Form 1 and ending in Form 7, I would feel gravelyFrancis Kong copy_1 amiss if I do not put in a word or two about the English teacher that I know and deeply respect.

I first entered Wah Yan in 1966 and Mr. Kong was teaching Reading in my Form 1C class. At that time, of all teachers, he was the most feared. Like a drill sergeant in the US Army that one saw in the films, he was very strict with us. He would make anyone who misbehaved in class stand on top of the desk or slap the palm of his hand with a ruler made of either wood or steel.¬† While he was teaching or reading a passage, nobody dared to chat. ¬†Continue reading …

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