《Some tips for healthy hair》__ Eric Lam (69)

In the AGM dinner, there were some interests in preventing hair loss, preventing hair turning grey. Here are some tips that I can share for reference:

Coenzyme Q 10

  • helps slow down the aging process
  • sunscreen with coenzyme  Q 10 can reduce wrinkles caused by the sun
  • coenzyme Q 10 can improve energy production in cell
  • it prevents your skin and hair from aging (white hair and wrinkles)
  • it positively influences the age affected cellular metabolism in your skin
  • Coenzyme Q 10 can be purchased in serum form ( available in health store)
  • gently rub into hair and leave it on

Vitamin A

  • vitamin A is very important for hair and skin growth and maintenance
  • regulates the synthesis of the retinoic acid in hair follicles
  • it is required for the skin and assist your immune system
  • it can slow down aging
  • it is required for the maintenance and growth of epithelial cells
  • vitamin A is vital for cell growth of many cells and regulates cell production
  • Vitamin A can be purchased in serum form, e.g. ” Dermae” brand from health or vitamin retailers
  • gently  rub into hair and leave it on

Aloe Vera

  • good for hair and scalp
  • aloe Vera gel is good for excessive hair loss, dry scalp/itchy scalp, oily hair and dandruff
  • beneficial for dry, cracked skin
  • aloe Vera can slow aging because there is something inside that speeds up cell production six to eight times faster than regular cell production
  • it has many vitamins which prevent the skin from being damaged
  • it can be purchased as serum form or fresh leave (individual) piece from super market ( TNT or Galleria)
  • gently rub into hair and leave it on

Sea salt Vs shampoo for hair

Shampoo should be used in conjunction with conditioner. Try not to stick with one brand, better still, just use baby shampoo or use sea salt.

Diet to add nutrients  to the hair

黑木洱,何首烏,黑芝麻,黑豆,黑糯米, prepared in powder form and added to cereal breakfast. This can be specially  ordered from Chinese herb store.

All these can have supplementary benefit only. The most important factor is healthy, less stressful life style. Just one word of caution, benefit may vary individually and other things or method can be added to enhance the result. Click here to let us know if you need any additional info.

~ Eric Lam (’69)

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