In Memory Of

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Dr. Donald Low passed away on September 18, 2013, seven months after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. We wish to express our heartfelt condolences to Dr. Low’s family.

Dr. Low was one of Canada’s leading microbiologists, best known for his pivotal role in helping Toronto respond to the SARS crisis. Eight days before he died, Dr. Low participated in a video interview in which he talks candidly about his experience facing the end of his life, including his concerns about being able to die with dignity. Please take a moment to watch.

(The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer )

In this stormy sea of life

You are the anchor, the captain

To steer us through SARS


 A leader, educator

Using science, calamity

To beat back that ferocious tiny virus


 Once a teacher, always a teacher

Beyond the grave, you made us ponder

The precious of life, the control of own destiny


The ship sails on

Leaving a trail of wisdom

Of great women and men


 Fare thee well

Our teacher

Till we meet again

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