A Selection of Summer Poems by Fan Cheng Da (1126-1193) Tr. by Kong Shiu Loon

plum《四时田园杂兴》__范成大 (1226-1193)

A Selection of Rustic Poems by Fan Cheng Da (1126-1193) Translated by Kong Shiu Loon

Summer (1)

梅子金黄杏子肥   麥花雪白菜花稀   日長籬落無人過   惟有蜻蜒蛱蝶飛

Ripe plums golden almonds in bounty
Wheat flowers like snow vegetable flowers scanty
Long solitary days no one passes my hedged-in space
Except dragonflies and butterflies dash enjoying their plays 

Summer (2) in may

五月江吴麦秀寒   移秧披絮尚衣单   稻根科斗行如块   田水今年一尺宽

In the fifth moon rice thrives in southern paddies in cool weather
Farmers transplanting young shoots do not have enough to wear
Swarms of tadpoles cover the rice roots like a black sheet
‘Tis a good year water in the fields measures foot deep


Summer (5)little woman

小妇连宵上绢机   大耆催税急於飞   今年幸甚蚕桑熟   留得黄丝织夏衣

My wife works on the loom night after night
The tax-collector calls for the dues an urgent drive
We are blessed this year both mulberry and worms thrive
There is enough silk to weave cloths for a summer supply


Summer (6)To the field

下田戽水出江流   高垄翻江逆上沟   地势不齐人力尽   丁男长在踏车头

The low fields are easily watered by river flows
High fields obtain water by flumes and upward channels
Farmers can irrigate fields at all levels with ingenuity
Young men keep their feet on water machines diligently


Summer (7)day out

昼出耘田夜绩麻   村庄儿女各当家   童孙未解供耕织   也傍桑阴学种瓜

They work the fields at day and weave hemp cloth evenings
The village men and women keep their chores going
As children have no farming skills they yet know
They watch under mulberry shades to learn how melons grow


Summer (9)

yellow dust

黄尘行客汗如浆   少住侬家漱井香   借与门前磐石坐   柳阴亭午正风凉

A passer-by came sweating with grime in a cloud of dust
I invite him in for a cool drink of sweet well water
Refreshed he sits on the mill-stone by my door
Pleased with willow breezes he asks for nothing more


Summer (10)thousand acre

千顷芙蕖放棹嬉   花深迷路晚忘归   家人暗识船行处   时有惊忙小鸭飞

I left my boat drifting in acres of lotus bloom
Lost in the beauty I’m forgetting to go home
My family knows my whereabouts as usual
Sudden fowls’ flights are predictables


insectsSummer (12)

蜩螗千万沸斜阳   蛙黾无边聒夜长   不把痴聋相对治   梦魂争得到藜床

Noisy cicadas zither in the dying sun
Sleepless frogs croak until the night is done
If I do not dull my senses to be indifferent
How could dreams visit my bed often

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