Hong Kong Our Home__Kong Shiu Loon

Amid the present chaos in governance and election, people who feel about Hong Kong are easily perplexed by the questions: “What has become of us?” and “What next?

No one knows the answer, any answer. One thing is sure though, the Legislative Council has become a circus once the British are gone, deplete of the dignity and prudence that once defined its existence. Those who jeer and rampage should perhaps reflect that their behaviors depict their own character to fellow citizens who watch them on TV, including school children. Such behaviors speak not of free men and women, but of bondage to foolishness and self-serving causes. There must not be fun in destroying the Hong Kong that we are proud of, that so many people in history had joined hands and hearts to build, be it a colony or SAR.

(In the article, you are invited to view Paradox of Our Times and Hong Kong – the City where dreams come true.)


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Our Home__Kong Shiu Loon

  1. 江學長,
    感謝你在”HongKong Home” 提到我的”誠實評審員” , 還讚我。鬼鬼馬馬文字,真不敢當。
    我喜歡你的 “HongKong Home” ,你把我心裡話都說出來了。
    Don Chen.

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