Doug Ford sent out an SOS

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Councillor Doug Ford wants to rally the people of Toronto to save the mayor’s subway plans.

The Save our Subways campaign, or S.O.S. as he is calling it, is still in its infancy, but the Etobicoke councillor is predicting it will sway the McGuinty government to see things the mayor’s way – just as the voters of Oakville managed to halt construction on a power plant near their homes in the runup to this fall’s provincial election.

Dear Councillor Ford, let me remind you, we already have a Subway campaign. It’s called the $5 Dollar Footlong. Or maybe that is what you mean, you want all Torontonians to contribute $5 to build a foot of the Sheppard Subway system. Hey, that is not a bad idea after all. Just don’t call it a tax. Mayor Ford is dead set against that name.

Let’s do it. Start the campaign ……….

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