Dear Jack

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

Dear Jack,

Letter received. Thank you.

Thank you for thinking of us even during your most critical moment.

While you are embarking on your journey of the unknown, we are swirled into a black hole.

While the world is blooming with a jasmine spring, we seemed to be on a ship with a different course; our multicultural mosaic is heading towards an American style melting pot and tea party ideology.

While we are beginning to gets a glimpse of hope, but still holding our breath silently, watching anxiously the unfolding of the new order of Canada.

And suddenly, Jack, you are gone.

Please come back, Jack, you still have a lot to accomplish. Without you as our compass, our anchor and our guide, how are we going to move forward, in such dangerous time?

You reminded us of another great Canadian, Terry Fox. Mission prematurely cut short, but the movement lives on.

We simply have to pick up your cane, your torch, Jack, and charge onward; holding high, our lightning rods, thousands and thousands of them.

Together with you, we are embarking on this new journey of Hope, to build a country of greater equality, justice, and opportunity.

Jack, your teaching and spirit live on.

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