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《離思》 (唐)元稹 (779~831)

To My Departed Wife

Translation by Paul Lee (1962)

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《離思》 (唐)元稹 (779~831)

曾經滄海難為水   除却巫山不是雲
取次花叢懶回顧   半缘修道半缘君

To My Lover                                      江紹倫譯

I’ve crossed many seas to devote myself to water
In my heart no cloud can compare with the cloud of Mt. Mu
Among flowers in profusion I’ve been tardy to pursue
Partly for my devotion to Dao partly because I love you

To My Departed Wife                    translated by Paul Lee (1962) 2009/12/22

Having crossed the Cang Sea makes it hard to call anything else water
Nothing qualifies as cloud once I have seen those at Wu Mountain
I walked passed a bevy of beauties and did not care to look back
Partly because I am cultivating discipline and partly because of you.

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《菊花》 (唐)元稹 (779~831)

秋叢繞舍似陶家      遍繞籬邊日漸斜
不是花中偏愛菊      此花開盡更無花

Chrysanthemum                                 江紹倫譯       

Autumn mums adorn my cottage as they did Tao’s house in days old
Along the hedge their brilliance so vivid I linger until the sun hangs low
I can’t be blamed for loving this flower my appreciation partial
Whence they wither away there will be no flower to follow

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