1 thought on “《離思》 (唐)元稹 (779~831)

  1. am just a passing browser. great website.

    may i leave my attempt at translating this piece.
    (please amend or delete at will.)

    【離思】     唐·元稹
    曾經滄海難為水, 除卻巫山不是雲。
    取次花叢懶迴顧, 半緣修道半緣君。

    Thoughts of Separation Yuan Zhen (779-831)
    Other waters won’t impress me for I’ve seen the vast seas;
    Hav’ng seen majestic Witch Mountain, me other clouds can’t please.
    I will ne’er glance again at other flowers (to you I vow) —
    For my destined love is half for you and half for the Dao!

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