Mon Sheong Markham Senior Care Campus Groundbreaking

Tim Kwan (’67), Chair of Mon Sheong Foundation, in Markham Senior Care Campus Groundbreaking ceremony on Nov 15, 2021. Many members of WYKAAO are volunteering at the Foundation, a charitable organization specialized in senior care. Click the image to see a short video clip.

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WYK Development Plan 2020~2023

WYK Development Plan 2020~2023

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“It’s All You” – by Frederick Fung (’72)

The dance “It’s All You” is a beautiful dance choreographed by Frederick Fung (’72) and fellow keyboard artist Tan Candy from Singapore. This dance was just published on the world line dance site `Copperknob’ in United Kingdom on November 3, 2021. Click here to view the new dance “It’s All You”.

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傷淚谷 Henry Ku ’56


幼時讀聖經得知,前人喚此世此界:Vale of Tears, 灑淚之谷也



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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Newspaper advertisement for New WYK Principal

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66屆同學方錫勳近作,與大家分享:[送上我的短片 (香港蝴蝶) ,並配上 李偉醫生唱的獅子山下 ,與你分享, 請賜教,謝謝!🙏🦋]

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Dr. Peter Chang (WYK ’61), Chair, Hong Fook Mental Health Foundation

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Happy Canada Day!

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COVID-19 and Its Cardiac and Neurological Complications Among Ontario Visible Minorities

Click here to read the research report from Dr. Joseph Chu 朱耀祖 (71).

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