Good Morning from Tokyo_(2011.03.13)

 I woke up.  Slept well.  Not conscious of any sways or movements while at rest.  No dreams either.
This petite hotel is in a 5-storey building.  There had been movements last night and just now (8:31 a.m.).  Last night, I went downstairs to the front lobby to confirm that indeed it’s the earth, not me, that was shaking.  Those Caucausian boys and girls sitting in the lobby working on their Wi-fi did not seem bothered by the movements.  They looked at me like a weird creature when I enquired the front-desk about the sways.
Good to be on the first floor.  It’s fast to run down in case of emergency.  Put all essentials in one bag.  That’s all I will take when I need to ‘run’.
Will plan my itinerary for today later depending on what transportation service is available.  May test my legs for long walks.  Will go back to Ueno Park to see if there are more buds now for the cherry blossom. 
Half an hour ago, I moved my flight out to Singapore ahead by a day… leaving tomorrow.  The train to the airport is in operation …. confirmed in person at the station tonight.
The hotel is very quiet.  The person at the front desk told me all the guests had checked out.  This person is a French who has been in Tokyo for three years and speaks fluent Japanese (with no accent!) said he isn’t scared….not even the nuclear plant meltdown if and when it happens.  He is very confident of the Japanese’ ability to contain and control it.  He has no intention of going back to France as he now calls Japan his home.
Life on the street is as usual….in Ikebukuro, in Shinjuku, in Tokyo, in Ginza….my round of tours today and my walk of the day.

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