Rose Ho Reporting from Japan_(2011.03.12)-back to Tokyo

The D train and more….

It’s the ‘D’ train…the wrong train….wrong in the sense that it is the local train for the locals with 3 train switchings along the way.  But after 3 hours (not 90+ minutes), I am back in Tokyo.

Things along the way seem calm and peaceful.   Life is normal in Tokyo…as if no disasters have happened.  People dine out.  

I walked 2 subway stations after getting off the train, not because I fear the quake and the service, but I simply need the exercise.

I enjoyed a sumptuous Chinese dinner on the way back to the hotel.

I was told that the Narita Airport is closed.  No flights out yesterday and today.  Some hotel guests scheduled to fly out today were rescheduled to March 15, Tuesday.  So, I had better email (no point to call…phone lines not working) Singapore Airline to confirm my flight on March 15.   My next stop is Singapore, not HK.

Hotels stop all elevator service (power supply unstable).  Guests are told to leave building immediately when it shakes.  Notices are distributed to warn guests of power outage in certain hours tomorrow.  Reminder to use the flash light and keep it in its place.  I was advised not to go to Kamakura as it is closer to the coast and in the way where the tsunami is moving.  Subway is a better way to go than the JR trains above ground.    But I will exercise my legs to extent possible.

I subscribed to the train service alerts provided by Google to keep me apprised in English on what’s happening.  I failed to understand the Japanese on the web sites.

It’s another day!

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