A nourishing hot meal

In our floating life of dashes and cold dishes we need to eat hearty meals for good health and peace of mind. This was our favourite food when the kids were hungry and the family budget lean.

–        Have the rice cooked

–        Marinate half a pound of minced beef with a dash of wine, generous light soy sauce, and a sprinkle of flour ( ten minutes, longer if you have time)

–        Open one can of cream of mushroom soup

–        Put a spoonful of olive oil on a hot pan, stir the meat over after one minute, put in the soup and stir a bit. Fill the empty can with two-third full of hot water and add to the food. Stir and cover pan. Cook for one minute, put in half a bowl of green peas. Cook for one minute, add salt and stir even. It is done.

–        To serve, just put appropriate amount of cooked rice on a plate, add the cooked beef with thick sauce and you have a hearty warm meal

–        The time of cooking varies dependent on how rare you like your beef. Chopped onion can be used, fried before putting in beef. Pepper can be used for individual preference. You can also add an egg or two just before serving to boost up the nourishment and flavour.

All together this meal could be cooked in half an hour. It could be done in ten minutes if you have the rice cooked beforehand. However things are, please try it, and I know you will do it again and again.

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