《How many bards gild the lapses of time!》by John Keats __ 江紹倫譯

 《詩人為流光鍍金》     約翰‧濟慈                 

HOW many bards gild the lapses of time!          多少詩人為流光鍍金
A few of them have ever been the food              有者給我送來精神食糧
Of my delighted fancy,- I could brood               激發我的歡樂幻想
Over their beauties, earthly, or sublime:          那世俗或崇高的美妙詩篇

And often, when I sit me down to rhyme,                      每當我靜坐尋韻
These will in throngs before my mind intrude:            心鄉即充滿華章
But no confusion, no disturbance rude                           沒有零亂或粗陋的擾攘
Do they occasion; ’tis a pleasing chime.                         只有和音麗響

So the unnumber’d sounds that evening store;            黃昏收集無數清音
The songs of birds – the whisp’ring of the leaves-        群鳥歌唱與樹葉絮語
The voice of waters – the great bell that heaves           潺潺流水與遠鐘和鳴
With solemn sound,- and thousand others more ,      融為莊嚴稀聲
That distance of recognizance bereaves,                 遠方不易辨認的千萬鳴響
Make pleasing music, and not wild uproar.            合成絕非狂喊的神妙音樂

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