Fr Deignan Update 17 ~ 22 August 2018

Fr Deignan Update 22 August 2018 (Francis Yuen ’70)






Fr Deignan Update 21 August 2018 (Francis Yuen ’70)
“It is pretty much routine now. He is stable and in good spirit. His mass is getting bigger and bigger. He is simply a draw.”










Fr Deignan Update 19 August 2018 (Francis Yuen ’70)
Mass at 11 this morning, with Fr Zee and children of Fr’s nephew attending. Both fathers were in good shape. Fr said the whole mass clear and loud, totally in charge!

Fr Deignan Update 18 Aug 2018 (Francis Yuen ’70)
“Father sings”
“Last night was with Father Deignan. He was a bit tired but alert. We talked about Irish history.”









Fr Deignan Update 17 August 2018 (Francis Yuen ’70)
“This morning. He was a bit tired last night.
“His routine every morning is mass, physio, lunch, sleep… a group of us gather around 7 to 8pm when he wakes up and have dinner and chatting to he sleeps around 8.





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