《On Visiting The Tomb of Burns by John Keats》__江紹倫(53)中譯

《On Visiting The Tomb of Burns by John Keats》

The town, the churchyard, and the setting sun, 夕陽下這小鎮的教堂墓園
The clouds, the trees, the rounded hills all seem, 浮雲樹木山峰和圓
Though beautiful, cold- strange- as in a dream幻夢般的叢林美麗奇寒
I dreamed long ago, now new begun. 我很久以前所夢如今又在夢中
The short-liv’d, paly summer is but won 短促又白熱的夏季把時間轉讓
From winter’s ague for one hour’s gleam; 給凜冽寒冷閃耀即過的冬天
Through sapphire warm their stars do never beam: 寒星在藍寶石的暖和中亦不放光
All is cold Beauty; pain is never done. 一切都冷又美痛苦不輟
For who has mind to relish, Minos-wise, 誰有彌諾斯冥王的智慧品評真
The real of Beauty, free from that dead hue 不許病態幻想及嬌傲假裝
Sickly imagination and sick pride 彭斯我向您敬禮
Cast wan upon it? Burns! with honour due 敬愛您這偉大的詩魂
I oft have honour’d thee. Great shadow, hide 可惜我不能看清您的神靈
Thy face; I sin against thy native skies. 我冒犯了您本性的天宇

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