《To Homer By John Keats》 __江紹倫(53)中譯

《To Homer By John Keats》

Standing aloof in giant ignorance, 我閒站在無知的高原
Of thee I hear and of the Cyclades, 聽人說起您及赤拉廸郡島
As one who sits ashore and longs perchance 我是那獨坐在海岸想望的凡夫
To visit dolphin-coral in deep seas. 渴望在海裏親見海豚和珊瑚
So thou wast blind;—but then the veil was rent, 您竟是盲人但帷幔不屬您所有
For Jove uncurtain’d Heaven to let thee live, 主神約夫掀開天幕讓你生活
And Neptune made for thee a spumy tent, 海神為您架起寛闊帳篷
And Pan made sing for thee his forest-hive; 牧神命野蜂為您唱歌
Aye on the shores of darkness there is light, 啊黑暗的眼邊出現靈光
And precipices show untrodden green, 峭壁上露出無人踩過的綠茵
There is a budding morrow in midnight, 晨光在黑暗中過來即馳明天
There is a triple sight in blindness keen; 清心的盲人擁有三重目力
Such seeing hadst thou, as it once befel 像月神戴安娜一樣
To Dian, Queen of Earth, and Heaven, and Hell. 主宰地獄天堂與人間

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