《 HK Peng Chau revisited 》__ Rose Ho









On days I am not visiting my mother, I love to wander off to the outlying islands.

Light casual clothing, a pair of comfortable shoes, a hat, sunglasses, a bottle of water, the Octopus card, some small change, my iPhone camera…and my knapsack…then go!    Nothing heavy, nothing fancy.  Travel light, travel burden-free.

Total return trip, ferry and bus..only $8.  When hungry, I will buy myself goodies I love to eat.  Nowadays in the hot weather, I even go for ice cream, something freezing cold that I had abstained for a long time.  I would buy a quality brand and even look for bars with chocolate coating too.

Wandering along at a leisurely pace, I am not only exercising my legs, but also enjoying the solitude and peace of ear and mind.  Blue skies, white clouds, green mountain, turquoise water, fine sand, picturesque rocks…composing my pictures as I go.  Nothing can be more enjoying in life than this.

Often it does not take much money to find happiness and tranquility.

A patched and repatched ugly knapsack.  Who cares?  It is light and functional.  I do not need burdens.

At this stage of counting down in life, I would go for the life I want….and in a carefree way too….so long it does not hurt others.

The past Monday…I returned to Peng Chau which I skipped the last time on my visit to the Trappist Monastery.

Here I would like share the Peng Yu Path and the Tai Lei Island with you, both places I’ve not been before…. A few other spots as well.

That day was also my daughter’s 36th birthday.  This mother had not sent her a birthday wish in a timely manner.  So here I make up for it…

A belated birthday wish to my daughter overseas, her first birthday as a mother.  May her wishes come true and may she have a happy healthy life.

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