《Tai O, the fishing village 20150803 》__ Rose Ho

It was 32 degrees Centigrade.  In the city with its air-con exhaust, vehicle exhaust and the stale air trapped between the tall rises, the heat would be unbearable.  But not out here….in Tai O, the remote fishing village on the far west end of Lantao Island.

Monday….still quite a number of tourists, but not at all packed like in the malls in town.

People came here mostly for the Venice of Hong Kong.  Seldom would they wander into the village where the locals dwell.  But I did, together with quite a few others who were carrying cameras to pick our shots.

Life amidst the stilt dwellings was tranquil.  The alleys were quiet with only people like me and other photographers strolling by.  There might be an occasional bike zipping along.

The fishermen stayed indoors away from the scorching sun.  For those that lounged outside, their pastime was to gawk at the passers-by.  They looked worry-free, obviously oblivious to the dropping stock market.

Life was simple for the locals…basic furnishings inside the tin shacks, some x-handed couches on a stilt deck that served as a living room, salted fish hanging from the lines to get sun-dried.

“Ummm, yummy!  Cooking?  I am hungry.”  I uttered to an elderly lady sitting outside her hut waiting for the evening meal to be served.  “You can stay for dinner,” she responded.  How friendly!

This is the joy of getting out to the country-side….and singleton as well.  No-one governs my pace of travel…nor my thoughts.

Enjoy these shots I took using my iPhone.

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