《無題》濟顛道濟 (1150-1209)《No Title》Ji Dian Daoji

出岸桃花紅錦英  Marking the river banks red peach blossoms burn blight
夾堤楊柳綠絲輕  Willow tendrils wave on the dyke tender green and light
遙看白鷺窺魚處  Where a white crane picks up a fish and flies away
立破平湖一點青  The water stirred and returns to its usual way

《白蓮》北澗居簡 (1164-1246)《White Lily》Bei Jian Jujan

碧玉長柯雪色衣  Green jade lily on long stems donning snow white cloaks
夜深看見也相疑  Seen in dark nights the beauty is an astonishing look
數行鷺立波心月  Rows of white cranes stand on waves under moonshine
拍手驚他不肯飛  I clap my hands they refuse to take flight

《覺海諸善友整經》偃溪廣聞 (1189-1263)
《Reviewing Truth of Sutra with Friends》Yan Qi Guangwen

好風晴日滿谿山  Welcome breezes and a sunny day fill hills and rills
又到桃源盡處還  We have visited the Fairy Land and come back still
流水落花攔不住  Petals carried by running streams will stop not
幾多春色在人間  The multiple spring splendors stay no matter what

《映林》心聞曇賁 (宋)《Woods Shine》Xin Wen Tanpeng

映林映日一般紅  Brazed forest and sun shines crimson
吹落吹開總是風  Flowers fall or bloom following wind tunes
可惜擷芳人不見  Seekers for beauty and fragrance are few to appear
一時分付與遊蜂  Natural wonders await the appreciation of passing bees

《風月》心聞曇賁 (宋)《Winds and Moon》Xin Wen Tanpeng

風月山川共一家  Winds moon hills and rills are one in nature
誰來語下定龍蛇  Individual values as dragon or snake not for us to measure
太白不曾登便殿  Li Bai had no name in the Imperial Examination Hall
筆頭昨夜自生花  Then as now his skillful pen creates wonders for us all

《無題》寶峰惟照 (1084-1128)《No Title》Bao Feng Weizhao

雨洗淡紅桃萼嫩  Peach buds washed by rain tender and pink
風搖淺碧柳絲輕  Willow tendrils pale green wave in wind
白雲影裏怪石露  Ragged rocks in moving clouds seen
綠水光中古木清  In the blue deeps old trees appear serene

《贈別》大慧宗杲 (1084-1163)《Parting Wishes》Da Hui Zonggao

桶地脫時大地闊  Through an open barrel bottom the world appears wide
命要斷處碧潭清  Death fears ends when seen in clear blue pool lights
好將一點紅爐雪  ’Tis like a snow ball on a red hot stove
散作人間照夜燈  Transformed to lights for seekers of truth

《送慧上人》宏智正覺 (1091-1157)《Seeing Master Hui Off》Hong Zhi Zhengjue

蘆花明月水茫茫  Reed flowers and bright moon keep water white and placid
激箭風舟破冷光  On winds a skiff goes through the cool light in speed
親到廬陵酬米價  Purchasing rice at the market for a good price
時那開口便相當  A good deal could only be settled at a place right

《山堂》冶父道川 (宋)《Mountain Temple》Yi Fu Daochuang

山堂靜坐夜無言  Wordless I meditate through the night at the temple
寂寂寥寥本自然  To be quiet and empty is only natural
何事西風動林野  Why the west wind stirs in the forest and plain
一聲寒鴈唳長天  A lone cry across the sky signals a goose passing

《漫漫》保寧仁勇 (宋)《Wide Wide》Bao Ning Renyong

漫漫大地盈天雪  White snow flies over a land wide and wide
江湖一片難分別  White covered rills and lakes difficult to identify
漁翁披蓑月下歸 A bamboo capped fisherman returns under moonshine
誰道夜行人路絕  Who says walking late in the day paths denied

《無題》圓悟克勤 (1063-1135)《No Title》Huan Wu Keqin

金鴨香消錦繡幃  Fragrance from the golden censor filled the embroidered curtain
笙歌叢裏醉扶歸  Deep drunk in the brothel he was carried home for certain
少年一段風流事  A love affair of his youthful days
只許佳人獨自知  Known only between him and his mate

《高樓》佛性法泰 (?1079-?1171)《High Bower》Fu Xing Fatai

高樓美女一雙雙  In the high bower beautiful maidens gather in pairs
各向瓊窗坐玉床  Each sits on a jade bed facing the window so fair
繡出鴛鴦呈似了  Love birds are embroidered for presentation
金鍼深插錦香囊  Needles are pinned to the fragrant ball cotton

《無題》丹霞子淳 (1064-1117)《No Title》Dan Xia Zichun

長江澄澈即蟾華  The Yangzi flows in moonshine placid and clear
滿目清光未是家  Lights vivid not showing me home where
借問漁舟何處去  I ask the fishing boat which way is right
夜深依舊宿蘆花  It moors among tall reeds deep in the night

《青山》佛眼清遠 (1061-1120)《Green Hills》Fu Yan Qingyuan

青山門外白雲飛  My door opens to green hills where white clouds roam
牽引客歸綠水溪  Near the blue stream I bring my old friend home
莫怪坐來頻勸酒  Ask not why we drink cup after cup as we si
自從別後見君稀  We have seldom seen one another after our last meet

《示襄禪者》慈受懷深 (1077-1123)《To Chan Seekers》Ci Shou Huaixin

古人得後便休休  Ancient monks who had the wisdom retreated to doing nil
茅屋青燈百不求  Contented to sit with a lamp in his cabin free of pursue
遮眼漫將黃卷展  They use an open Sanskrit to hide their retreat
不風流處卻風流  Who says such transcendence is not neat

《月裡》竹庵士珪 (1083-1146) 《In the Moon》Zhu An Shigui

月裡嫦娥不畫眉  Chang O in the moon needs no eye-lining for beauty
只將雲霧作羅衣  She wears clouds and fog for natural quality
不知夢逐青鸞去  Following the bluebird in her dream to her lover on the celestial bridge
猶把花枝蓋面歸  She returns home forgetting to take off the flower covering her face

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