Why can’t Nigella enter the U.S. but Rob Ford can?

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

British celebrity chef/kitchen goddess Nigella Lawson has been denied entry to the U.S. after admitting in court of using drugs few months ago.

The TV cook was stopped from boarding a flight from London Heathrow Airport to Los Angeles this Sunday past.

The case underscores the capricious judgment of U.S. border officers: if Lawson can’t fly to L.A. because she came clean about using cocaine, why could Toronto Mayor Rob Ford appear on Jimmy Kimmel in L.A. after admitting to smoking crack cocaine?

Fellow celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain expressed outrage over this apparent double standard on Twitter:  “Toronto mayor, Rob Ford?  Welcome to the USA.  Nigella Lawson?  No.  REALLY? Absolutely appalling misuse of our system.  And by whom?  How? “ He tweeted.

Here are the top 10 reasons why:

  1. She is a woman, an EBT (Easy Bullied Target)
  2. Another glass ceiling set, higher standard for the other sex
  3. Nigella is too famous, 受奸人所害, 被人整蠱
  4. Rob is too notorious, 怕咗佢, 隻眼開, 隻眼閉
  5. Mistaken Identity —- John Candy?
  6. “I am not perfect”, this humble excuse can get you anywhere (Don’t try this at home, kids)
  7. Apologized, apologized, and apologized. Been there, done that
  8. “Lying”, without blinking the eyes, is an art form, few people grasped it
  9. She did crack willingly, while depressed. He did it unknowingly, in his drunken stupor
  10. To advise Obama, Rob our financial wizard. He saved Toronto a billion bucks, using his New Math Method*

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