Top 10 Reasons Why Mayor Ford went to Tinseltown

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)clown1

  1. Send in the Clown
  2. “I believe … whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you … stranger.” — Quote from Joker
  3. To help promote Crazy Town — Star reporter Robyn Doolittle’s new book on Ford
  4. Rumour has it, he was going to receive an Oscar, for Best Sound Effect & Entertainment Value
  5. To promote his short documentary —  The Ranting of Rob Ford
  6. Back fire from the War with Bill Blair,  暫避風頭  in Hollywood
  7. John Candy/ Chris Farley  再世
  8. To look for sponsor for “Crack, Lies & Videotape”,  a new Canadian comedy film, tentatively starring John Goodman
  9. Had an appointment with Betty Ford (obviously no relation!)
  10. Robyn Doolittle appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, RF with Jimmy Kimmel.  不甘後人

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