Lovers 戀人 __ 江紹倫譯

Theme Music of:            House of Flying Daggers十面埋伏 (2004)

作曲:                                             梅林茂

Song sung by Kathleen Battle

There was a field in my old town  我家鄉有一塊田地

Where we always played hand in hand   那兒我們時常手牽手一齊玩HouseOfDaggers2

The wind was gentle touching the grass   和風吹拂着青草

We were so young so fearless  我們十分年輕又無畏

Then I dreamt over and over   然後我夢想一番二番

Of you holding me tight under the stars   你緊抱着我在星空下

I made a promise to my dear Lord   我向上蒼許下重誓

I will love you forever   我將永遠愛你

Time has passed   So much has changed   世事經過多少變遷

But the field remains in my heart  但那塊田地留在我心底

Oh where are you   哦你在哪裡

I need to tell you I still love you   我要告訴你我依然愛你

You fly around me like a butterfly   你像蝴蝶在我身邊繞飛

Your voice still echoes in my heart   你的聲音仍在我心中迴響

You are my true love  你是我真心的愛人

There was a field in my old town   我家鄉有一塊田地

Where in spring all flowers bloomed wide   那兒繁花在春天競開

We were chasing butterflies   我們曾經追捕蝴蝶

Hand in hand till close of day   手牽手直至黃昏

Your voice still echoes   你的聲音仍然迴響

In my heart   在我心田

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