Top Ten Possible Use of a Crack Pipe

(Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)

On Thursday, Police Chief Bill Blair announced Toronto Police has unearthed the notorious video tape of Mayor Rob Ford, the one showing him appeared to be smoking crack cocaine. Next day, Ford’s lawyer and brother Doug demanded the police to release the video tape to the public immediately, so that Torontonians can view it themselves and draw their own conclusion. “Picture’s worth 1,000 words, so let’s come out with it.”

To help our dazed and speechless citizens to draw their conclusion, here are some of our suggestions and a picture of a crack pipe.


Top Ten Possible Use of a Crack Pipe

  1. To blow bubbles
  2. An inhaler for asthmatics
  3. A new musical instrument — a Crackamonics
  4. A cigarette holder
  5. A drinking straw
  6. A whistle blower
  7. An Aladdin lamp to wish the scandal goes away
  8. A new smoke signal machine to communicate with my best friend for more parcel delivery
  9. A single serve coffee maker
  10. An opium gun


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