China Meets Herself (3) Questions by the Thirty-Plus Generation__Kong Shiu Loon

It is easy to be trapped by public opinion and the media, and develop an image that the Chinese people are selfish and corrupt, craving for easy money, and only caring for enjoyment of the here and now. You would think otherwise by using common sense. People are different. There are far more good people than bad ones in any society, including China.

China had gone through monumental and extraordinarily conflicting experiences in the last seventy years. They had left damages and scars in the people to affect their mental and behavioral needs and expressions. Changing from a closed society to an open one takes a lot of adjustment. Time and education are needed to facilitate and guide the process. As things happened there was no time but only leap-frog progression, largely led by a free strife to get rich. Education did not change much. It stayed controlled by a central authority, based on administrative will rather than wisdom.

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