I Look Into My Glass__ Thomas Hardy

I Look Into My Glass__ Thomas Hardy 鏡中人__蕭若碧
I look into my glass, 在鏡子裡,我端詳自己
And view my wasting skin, 望見了容顏的乾癟
And say, “Would God it came to pass 我對它說,仰上帝恩典
My heart had shrunk as thin!” 但願我心同時枯竭
For then, I, undistrest 因為槁木的心
By hearts grown cold to me, 不再因冷待而憂戚
Could lonely wait my endless rest 而可泰然自若
With equanimity. 寂然等待永恆安息
But Time, to make me grieve, 但時間為了折磨我
Part steals, lets part abide; 消耗了我身
And shakes this fragile frame at eve 卻放過我心
With throbbings of noontide. 在這傍晚的時分
暗流 〈讀 I Look Into My Glass by Thomas Hardy 有感〉 來搖撼我這荏弱的驅殼

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