The Mediterranean Cruise (Part 13 of 13)


The incident with Fernando in Barcelona concreted my thoughts. Live with simplicity and treat things with humour.

We live in a world where we like to complicate things and then try to find solution to them. It might seem naïve to have so much belief in people but using the famous words of Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, “Belief is the only damn thing we got. Not until we find another, we stay with it.”

I led a relatively interesting life. I always run into odd incidents. Like when I came back from Barcelona, sitting next to me was a gentleman of South Asian heritage. He had strong BO. I was going to launch a complaint and asked to change my seat. Then I also found out the button of my pants had fallen off and I might be in danger of my pants falling down if I moved. So the two things together will break even. You win some and you lose some.

Years ago during Christmas season, I was at Chapters. There was a Salvation Army alms stand and there were some young women standing by having their coffee break with coffee mugs. I thought those ladies were from Salvation Army and as I walked by, I put a quarter in one of the coffee mugs. Then I realized it was a mistake and I ran.

My travelling is not over yet. There will be new horizons to discover. There will be new Fernandos. Show some belief in people and treat life with humour and time will slip by without you knowing.

Until next time – Adios Amigos

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