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《望月懷遠》 (唐) 張九齡(678-740)__ 江紹倫英譯

海上生明月  天涯共此時
情人怨遙夜  竟夕起相思

滅燭憐光滿  披衣覺露滋
不堪盈手贈  還寝夢佳期

Pining for you in Moonlight              Zhang Jiu Ling (678-740)   江紹倫譯

The moon floods her brilliance over the ocean face
A moment shared by people in all places
While lovers complain the unending night
Yearning to see each other till dawn appears in sight

I blow out the candle the room is fully bright
I don my coat to feel the moist of dew
How I love to give you these moonbeams white
Better to return to bed to dream of you
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