WYKwinos Report No. 11

Wino  Report # 11        ~ JK ‘67                       
Date: Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010. 7pm – 10 pm
We made it to our first anniversary!  Here is to your health: forget apples, current research shows that a glass or two of red wine a day will keep the doctor away. Unless of course, the doctor is drinking with you!

The theme of our anniversary tasting is a 2007 horizontal tasting of Portugal’s rapidly rising star wine region: DUORO. This tasting is a little study of similar grapes grown in the same region and in the same year.  It could be fun to appreciate how the wines end up with different flavours, and structure due to variations in altitude (micro-climate) of the terroir and technique of the wine makers.

I can ramble on and on, but to keep this report under controlled length and to deepen your understanding,  please spend a couple of minutes to read up on the article written by the multiple awards winning  English wine critique/judge Jamie Goode:

The new table wines coming from Portugal’s Douro Valley: part 1 …

Read the complete Winos Report here.

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