5 thoughts on “How to Remove a Broken Cork

  1. The 2-pronged cork remover also works well with the unbroken cork. However, most of the time it is not handily available. So a chopstick & a piece of filter paper would also foot the bill.

    Glad to see that Beppi Crosariol is branching out to video from his literary hideouts such as the Saturday Globe.

  2. How do a chopstick and a piece of filter paper work to retrieve a cork in a wine bottle when the cork is broken inside the neck or dropped into the wine?

  3. Ah, Elementary my dear Watson (YK)!

    Why bother removing that piece of broken dry cork at all! Just gently push it into the bottle with your chopstick, & filter out the broken pieces with your filter paper. One would need to filter old wines’ sediment anyway while decanting them, even when the cork is not broken.


  4. So, why bother to introduce the 2-prong cork remover in the first place? Is this a patented device that does not sell well?–an unnecessary gadget?

  5. I don’t know if it still has a patent on it. The wine waiters don’t like it because it doesn’t have a knife to cut the foil off (at the top of the bottle).

    On the other hand it is occasionally useful because it doesn’t have the corkscrew to drill & traumatize the dry/brittle cork.

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