Cruise travel is getting to be very popular. There are many cruise ships to choose from and their prices are dropping. Among the big and well known cruise lines are The Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Cunard, Italian Costa and NCL. Royal Caribbean owns Celebrity which also operates Azamara. Carnival took over Princess and Holland America a few years ago and they may now be the biggest cruise line in the world. There are also smaller but more luxurious liners such as the Crystals and the Radisson.

I personally like The Royal Caribbean cruise line because they have better ships of different sizes to choose from; also, I had bad experiences when I tried Princess, Holland America and NCL. But most importantly, I prefer to stick with the same loyalty program.

Last month, taking the advantage of a slow January month we invited our sisters to join us on a Caribbean cruise. This time we took the Adventure of the Seas. The ship belongs to the Voyager class of the Royal Caribbean family. Nine years ago, like her sister ships Explorer and Navigator of the Seas, was one the largest cruise ships at the time. Since then the title had been taken over by the QM2 (Cunard), then Freedom of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) and now the Oasis of the Seas (Royal Caribbean).

I always make a video after a trip for the memory just in case I have memory lapses or Alzheimer down the road of my life. There is no exception this time. To watch the video, click here.

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